Uncommon Prayer, Uncommon Presence is a prayer companion designed to help people begin a consistent, intentional journey in prayer.

"It was birthed out of my own journey just a couple years ago, where Holy Spirit prompted me to seek him. Out of this process came not only this devotional, but the template for my worshiper's conference, open doors, and great revelation about several areas of my life. 


The book provides encouragement, scripture, space to reflect, and video companions on certain days.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my journey with you! I am confident you will discover purpose, hear God more clearly, and gain clear vision as you press in."

Glenda R. Williams, Author

“I finished my 60 days and it changed my life, for real! This book! It's necessary! It hit EVERYTHING! And hit it WELL!”

— Kiara D. Mills, Singer, Writer

“Hi Glenda, I finally started reading your book. Thank you for being obedient and writing the book. When I say these dry bones are getting new life I really mean it. Your book could not have come at a better time”

— Theresa Moore, Senior Coordinator

“I started your book today. And why am I stuck at 'waking up?!' As if I don't know better... That part was the affirmation I needed. I'm resting in day one today. I'm excited to read on.”

— TeAsia, Author, Coach, Blogger

“Finally started my sister's book. Listen!! You need one. It'll BLESS YOUR PRAYER LIFE!!! Get your library right!”

— Tish Williams, Psalmist, Prophet, Preacher, Mentor