I'm Both Now and Not Yet

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

It's difficult to see legacy while you're busy leaving it. It's hard to see impact while you're making it. But the blessing is in both the building and the birthing. Here is the train of thinking that brought me to this moment: I was wondering, then worried if I actually had a chance at leaving a legacy and an inheritance for my children. But not only to them, but to others God has called and will call me to. I often wonder if who I am, and if what I have to offer is meaningful enough to make a difference to anyone on the other side of my address.

Here's the thing: Considering what you'll plant in the Earth is difficult because that prospect assumes that at some point, we'll be better and have more resources than what we see at this very moment. Believing I will leave something of note, means that I ALREADY have that thing in me. The problem is we like to be, not become. Being is something I can be sure of, becoming leaves too much up to chance and imagination.

Somewhere we have learned that the product is more important than the process. As an example, there is no way I could write about 60 days of prayer, had I not began and completed the process. The process proves (refines, purifies, cleanses,) the product affirms (solidifies identity, purpose, and necessity.)

All I am trying to get you to see is that you are right where you should be for the places God ultimately wants to take you to.

Continue creating, speaking, working, making, dreaming, and casting vision for your business, ministry, and personal life.

What you are creating WILL mark out territory for you, leave an inheritance for your family, and legacy for the world!


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