I See You

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

I know that many people loathe the idea and feeling of being "ignored." I'm most certainly one of them. But, for some reason, Holy Spirit impressed upon me to research the meaning and sit with it as he revealed to me the truth of it and why it's necessary. As you can see, the word is a verb. It's an action. Not only that, it's an intentional action, meaning that those who make use of it are completely cognizant of its presence and effects. What the Lord wants you (us) to know is that, although it's intended, it stems from a place of not KNOWING.... Not knowing YOU: your worth, your potential, the favor and joy you bring, the wealth of knowledge and potential, the gift you could be in their lives, and the missing piece you could be to theirs. They can't acknowledge you because they can't truly SEE you. And since they can't see you, it's impossible to know you. What's more, they've negated the deficit in themselves that would make obvious their need for you. Because to know you would be to love you. Those who immediately see how your lives should be interwoven are those who you're called to and who are called to you. Let this truth alleviate the ache. You see me. But more importantly, We. See. You.

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