Last Year I Did A Thing

So, last year I did a thing. I was at my desk feeling really unaccomplished and disappointed. Several friends and colleagues seemed to have direction for the year and were moving successfully in it. I felt behind-stuck. Although I had some plans for the year, I still was in a wandering place. I encouraged myself not to compare myself, but still I resolved in my soul and felt led to get away.

But where? With what? At that moment, I happened to grab my phone and before I even had to scroll, a post from a friend in California appeared. The first thing I saw was the picture of a woman I had been following and had grown to greatly admire. I had watched every Youtube video and Instagram clip of her I could find, and now here she was, on my friend's flyer. Sound of Unity? In Fresno, California? I thought "Oh, this sounds like just exactly what I need!" Before long, that excitement turned to doubt, but I felt something pushing me to dig further into my desire to get away. I just knew that this was an encounter I should not miss.

As God would seamlessly orchestrate, not only was I able to get time off work, but I booked my flight and hotel room with only about a week left before the conference.

I was so excited! I had no intention of being seen or heard; I just wanted to rest,reset, hear God, worship, and feel some new wind on my skin. What God had for me was so much more.

Not only was there depth of word and worship, but the Lord began a work that I am still baffled by.

Enter Wendi Henderson Wyatt. An extremely powerful but equally sweet soul who, after singing, preaching, and prophesying us into a complete puddle of tears, paused to speak, connect, and see... On my flight home, all I could think was "Why would SHE want to get to know ME? Previous unkept promises made me slightly jaded, but Holy Spirit healed all that with one call the following day.

Fast forward to July of the same year, to a sweet time of fellowship that only the Lord could assemble. As much as I have wanted to post about or share that experience, I have held it dear and close to my heart until now. It is easily one of the most pivotal, important times of my adult life. At her invitation and the Spirit's prompting, I was afforded valuable, life-changing, deeply healing moments with Wendi. She won't know fully until she reads these words the impact she has had on my life in just a few short months, as well as all who are blessed to be in her (and Papa G's) presence. She is a teacher, a mentor, a mom, an encourager, intercessor, shepherd, prophet, and even giggle buddy. She corrects without speaking, and gives without having to move a muscle. Even her silence is felt, and you will always know that her prayers are ascending on your behalf.

Her anointing commands respect and her life before you demands it. I am sincerely in awe of the example she is, and that God would allow me... ME... to experience her in such a personal way.

Today is her birthday, and I am honored to be able to scream ALL the way down to Columbus, GA to tell her that she is immensely loved ALL the way up here in Grand Rapids, MI. I only wish I had more immaculate words to say it.

Last year, I did a thing. And that ONE act of faith, has blessed me in unmatched dividends in the person I have been given the honor of being called 'daughter' by. It brings tears to my eyes.

So, today's post is dedicated to Momma Wendi Henderson Wyatt. Will you run to her page and wish her a Happy Birthday for me!?

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you! May your joy be full. May peace be your companion. May you always have more than enough, and I pray that every prayer you've prayed and word you've declared is backed by Heaven! May wealth, health, honor, strength and long life be yours. May the richness of your pour be measured in double portion back onto you and your family, in Jesus' name.

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