Survive the Winter

Depending on which route we take to work each morning, my husband and I pass by a building in progress. It's right on the corner, so we typically get to watch the men work for a bit as we wait for the light to change.

The frame appears to be pretty much well underway, and of course the foundation is laid. The building seems to be multi/split level, so some portions of ceiling and roof are done while others are not. Because we live in Michigan, it was evident one morning that snow had not been very cordial to the process. The men were at the very highest level, and instead of building, they were having to shovel snow first. "They have to be so MAD!", Mike said, as we could almost feel their pain from the ground below. It was cold, the wind was blowing, and it was the dead of winter. Just then I was reminded of a friend who is building as well, and excitedly awaiting the opening of her 3rd business.

'Why do people wait to do construction in the winter?' It seemed a question we we were both pondering. "Because you can only premiere in the Spring or Summer what you've produced in the winter!" I didn't say it quite that eloquently, but you get it.

There are a few lessons I think we can all gain from this as we seek to build our brands, our names, our families, and our legacies:

1. Constructing anything massive comes in layers. Most building have many components. Completing one portion doesn't mean you're done. It just means you can begin the next phase.

2. Sometimes messes beyond your control will be made. This doesn't mean you get to quit or that building is over. Like the men above, we clean the space and continue to work! The whole point to is get back to building.

3. You need a team. While one man was shoveling on one side, the other was doing the same on another side of the roof to redeem time. Nothing can be achieved in excellence or expediently, alone!

4.Inclement weather or unfavorable conditions are not acceptable excuses to losing time. There is a deadline, and it is quickly approaching. Get to the goal!

5.Dress for the conditions. These men were dressed to work and build in the COLD! They were prepared. I would imagine it would be easier to work with t shirts and jeans, but they had on thick, heavy gloves and coats, and scullies in addition to their hardhats. They came to WORK.

6.Every nail, screw, steel rod, wooden plank, and brick is valuable to the process and the finished product. Each secured beam brought them closer to a usable commodity. Every moment spent drilling was paramount to the endgame. Do not despise what today seems like small, meaningless steps.

7.Someone is watching you. Though Mike and I could be of no assistance, we were silently cheering them on, and eagerly waiting to see what the outcome will be.

8.At some point they will go from building to having completed a BUILDING. What you DO will eventually be what you SEE.

At some point, we will take this route and find a beautifully constructed building that is fulfilling its intended function. It will serve the purpose it was envisioned for. It will have gone from thought, to blueprint, to skeleton to reality to purpose.

All it has to do is survive the Winter.

The same goes for you. Spring is coming. BUILD!

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