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The Core- First Look

In my last post I prompted you to process this thought: You're not struggling in your faith, you're struggling in your affections. I really was talking about me of late. Losing my oldest brother after praying for and then believing we'd see a miracle, I've been wandering around in a state of Grief. As I admittedly dealt with anger, disbelief, and realizing it was deep disappointment, I halfheartedly told God he'd have to help me. Help me understand how he'd want me to continue to sing and write about a God of Miracles who seemed to never actually answer ME. I was shaken to, what I thought was my CORE. This past week while working out, I realized that my core is pretty weak. It made it difficult for me to complete otherwise simple exercises. The core, the center, the strength of your body is the stabilizing force for every movement you will make. In the same manner, FAITH, belief of God ) not just IN God) is the core of our relationship with Christ. As I was researching core- strengthening exercises, the Lord revealed to me that it wasn't my spiritual CORE that was weak, it was my muscle memory that needed recharging. Prayer during grief is muscle memory, not a core issue. Worship while you're fatigued is muscle memory, not a core issue. This post reminded me, that I don't have a core issue, I just need to keep exercising weakened muscles until they remember their purpose and strength! No matter how weak Grief has rendered me, my core says Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. It says he's the Great Physician, that he is Jehovah Rapha, The Lord who Heals.

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