You Should Copy and Paste This Somewhere

I've decided that I'm not compromising what I'll accept as love and affection this year. No more using the surplus of love and attention in my reserves to make up the deficits in relationships in order to have SOMETHING. I'm not negotiating my sanity, not even leveraging our past history as credit toward the promise of a better future, and I'm not giving benefits of doubt for what folks MEANT to say or do. I'm no longer auctioning parts of me because added up, it never equals the sum total of me. .

Any equity I build will be to ensure that the house my heart lives in is stable, livable, and sustainable.

I'm no longer sacrificing my sanity for substitutes.

Sometimes people learn better about you in your absence than they will with your presence.

I've finally gotten comfortable with the fact that my presence is worth being protected from predators.

Note: this is for ALL relationships! Business, Ministry, And Personal.

What parameters have you set for yourself for 2020?

#ThisIsBecoming #Whole #AllG or #NoG

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